Victor Cruz Is The New King Of New York

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Since defeating the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLVI last Sunday, the New York Giants have been celebrating like there’s no tomorrow. Game MVP Eli Manning took his obligatory trip to Disney World, Brandon Jacobs invented time travel and now lives in 1956, and the rest of the team has been attending sporting events and just flat out partying. But nobody has been a bigger star this week than wide receiver Victor Cruz. Why? Because he got to stand next to Kate Upton.

On Wednesday, Cruz joined Upton, designer Naeem Khan and some other people as they cut the ribbon to launch Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Last night, Cruz was also the guest of honor at the Oster Media Presents Leila Shams After-Party, of which I only know that it came after the party and was followed by the hotel lobby.

And as if it couldn’t get any greater for Cruz, he’s also being rumored for an invite to join the next season of Dancing With the Stars instead of Tim Tebow. Don’t worry, Tim, there’s always Celebrity Apprentice. I suppose it’s also worth noting that this should add a ton of pressure to the Giants’ offseason, because Cruz wants to get paid, and Giants GM Jerry Reese understands that.

“Every year there’s a guy that comes out of the shadows on different teams. That’s the beauty of the personnel in scouting. You go out and some guys like that fall through the cracks. You only have seven rounds. Those kinds of guys would probably get drafted [in] the old days. I think Rosie Brown got picked in the 27th round. If you had 27 rounds those kinds of guys would definitely get drafted, but you only have seven rounds now. So some players like Victor, with a couple redeeming qualities that some of our scouts like, would probably get drafted at some point in a draft in you had that many rounds. But it’s only seven rounds. So it’s not an exact science. Every year there’s a guy like that and there are plenty of guys who are in the Hall of Fame, but they didn’t get drafted.”

(Via The NY Times)

Luckily, I majored in BS as a Language back in college, so I know that translates to: “Look, dude – can I enjoy this whole Super Bowl thing for a minute or two before you go dumping in my Cookie Crisp? Sure, I want to pay Cruz but we’d also like to keep Mario Manningham. Whoever’s cheaper, you know? In the meantime, Cruz can just have fun hanging out with Ashanti at night clubs and we’ll take care of it when I’m done flicking quarters off a Polynesian dancer’s abs.”

Or something like that. I’m a little rusty.

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