Tennis Star Victoria Azarenka Pays Homage To Miley Cyrus, Instagram Twerks

I wouldn’t blame you if you refused to read this based on the phrase “Instagram twerks,” but it involves rapidly-jiggly ladybutts, so I urge you to stick with it.

We live in a twerk-obessed, post-Miley Cyrus world. “Twerk” has been added to the Oxford Dictionary, Jimmy Kimmel is manipulating a world of people who thought a lady would seriously twerk above a table covered in lit candles and every day Miley herself is somewhere making a dwarf twerk and making it worse. There is no end in sight. Cough.

Knowing this, WTA #2-ranked tennis pro Victoria Azarenka took to the most Miley Cyrus of phone apps, Instagram, and shared an exercise machine-assisted twerk. Lay down and take it, Internet.


Needs more Don’t Drop That Thun Thun. Can somebody convince Maria Sharapova to upload a video yet? Better yet, can somebody fish Anna Kournikova out of storage and teach her how to twerk?