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My God there is fucking nothing going on today. So I guess that means soccer news. David Beckham, fully into the twilight of his career, is coming to the U.S. so his wife can go shopping on Rodeo Drive and his sons can fuck beach bunnies when they enter adolescence. The word on the street is that he's going to play for the LA Galaxy of MLS, but let's be honest: I'm just doing this so you can get some good pics of Vicki's pneumatic half-grapefruits.

However, if you're interested in the impact of Beckham's arrival on, like, professional soccer in America, here's the excellent David Hirshey:

[W]ill he actually raise the level of play? Not by himself. One of Pele's accomplishments in the NASL was luring other fading stars — Cryuff, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia, Henry Kissinger — to play alongside the man they called the Black Pearl. Whether the White Pearl can do the same remains to be seen.

Yeah, I know: you don't care. So here's a nice gallery of David and Victoria that's enjoyable for both sexes. And this one makes my pants feel funny.

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