Video: A Woman Rejected A Totally Real Marriage Proposal At A Minor League Game

This video of a woman rejecting her boyfriend’s marriage proposal at a New Britain Rock Cats game last week has to be fake. There’s no way it can be real, right? I’m not concerned with the guy’s feelings or their status as a couple, mind you. I’m just upset that this acting looks so bad. I mean, that’s acting, right? Because that girl looks like she’s trying to sell “mortified” but it’s coming across more as, “Remember what the acting coach that I paid $600 a week last summer taught me, look like I’m about to pee my pants.”

Maybe I’m just being too cynical and this was real, but I don’t know what to expect from minor league baseball teams anymore. But this has to be fake. It just screams, “Hey check out our zany minor league baseball team stunt!” Question everything, people. Question everything.