Video: An Air Force Serviceman In Uniform Threw Down A Windmill Dunk

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07.26.13 5 Comments

While the NBA’s brightest stars and pride of the Red, White and Blue took a breather during a timeout at last night’s USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas, an Air Force serviceman named Nathanial Mills threw down one of the nastiest dunks that didn’t involve someone throwing a ball from the sunroof of a Kia. According to the video, Mills had been showing off his dunking skills prior to the game, when he was encouraged by Carmelo Anthony and others to get back out there and wow the crowd during the quick timeout.

And wow them (and me) he did, because that’s the kind of windmill dunk that would win an NBA player the Slam Dunk Contest… in a year that guys weren’t jumping over the sponsor company’s automobiles, of course. Either way, if the NBA would create a team of dunking servicemen to travel the country and perform halftime shows all season long, I might actually try to remember that I have Magic season tickets. So get on that, Adam Silver.

(H/T to B/R and a bro five to Patrick)

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