Bill Belichick Called An Impromptu Press Conference And Hold On, Was That A ‘My Cousin Vinny’ Reference?

For the second time this week, Bill Belichick addressed DeflateGate in a press conference at Gillette Stadium. This time, however, Belichick was strongly worded in his denial and went on a science tangent, bringing up air pressure, the cold weather and Mona Lisa Vito from My Cousin Vinny…wait, what?

Yes, in an attempt to say he was not an expert in the field of ball deflation, Belichick made a reference to Marisa Tomei’s character from the 1992 comedy. If you recall, Tomei was called as an expert automobile witness in the case against Ralph Macchio.

Say what you will about DeflateGate, this has been amazingly entertaining, if not downright hilarious.