Roger Federer Was Accosted By A French Open Fan Who Wanted A Selfie 

Do you see this kid? He’s running up to take a selfie with Roger Federer at the French Open and his camera isn’t even ready. Federer is not at all pleased with the attempt either, as the utterly delusional young man fiddles with buttons and poses.

This would be all frowns and bloopers if not for the history of the French Open, where Serbian tennis great Monica Seles was stabbed by an obsessed fan in the middle of a 1993 match. That frightening event typifies the lax security detail at the Open, which leaves room for some questioning, honestly, WTF dude:

But not at the French, where security seems to be more of a suggestion rather than a defining principle. The oddest part of the whole Federer affair was that security saw the youngster, didn’t make a move for about 10 seconds and then, once he was separated from Federer, the kid was let go without so much as a warning.

Federer has a range of reactions that include complete disgust, incredulity, and no small dash of nervousness at this man’s insane concept of personal boundaries. He handles it like the Grand Slam winner that he is, though, offering a pat on the back and simultaneous side-eye at security to HURRY UP AND GRAB THE KID!

(Via For The Win)