Watch This Official Get Rocked In the Face By A Football On An Extra Point

09.23.15 3 years ago 5 Comments

There are #collegekickers and then there are #highschoolkickers. A case of #collegekickers usually involves a missed field goal or extra point, perhaps off one of the uprights. #Highschoolkickers are the opposite, in that an extra point is good, but only after being deflected off of someone’s face.

Case in point, this Midland Lee kicker, who nailed an official right in the kisser while attempting perhaps the most hilarious extra point you’ll see this year. Amazingly, the football had enough velocity that it bounced right off the ref’s face and over the crossbar for a completely legal extra point conversion.

Here’s the kick, again and again, for your viewing pleasure:

The other thing to consider here is how incredibly bad this kick was without the assistance of someone’s face. In other words, cracking someone in the head actually helped this kick. Where was this ball going beforehand? Because this thing looks like it was a line drive destined to fly out the back of the end zone at 50 miles per hour at a whopping five feet off the ground.

Also, kudos to the ref for taking a ball to the face, but focusing on getting the right call and putting his hat back on like nothing happened. This guy “gets it.”

(via @MarshallHughes)

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