Watch 7-Foot-Tall Hong Man Choi Get Brutally Knocked Out In Korea

Hong Man Choi is a pretty big celebrity in South Korea, mainly for his freakish size. He’s 7’2 and over 330 pounds, and after starting his career as a traditional Korean wrestler he transitioned into K-1 kickboxing with occasional forays into mixed martial arts. Last night was one of those moments as Choi stepped into the RoadFC cage to take on Mighty Mo Siliga, another kickboxer that dabbles in MMA.

Both fighters prefer the stand-up, so it was an all out striking battle for the four minutes this match lasted. That’s when Samoan fighter Siliga managed to reach up and catch Hong Man Choi on the jaw with an overhand right that dropped the massive Korean to the canvas in a daze. Choi wasn’t in any condition to get back up, and the ref mercifully called off the fight.

The fight between Choi and Mighty Mo was the final in RoadFC’s Openweight Tournament, making Mo the promotion’s openweight champion. To get there, he had to defeat the 250 pound Hyun Man Myung (who fights Mirko Crocop in Japan this weekend) and former wrestler Choi Mu-Bae. It’s just the latest accomplishment for Siliga, who seems to be on another upswing after ten years in the combat sports game.