The Oregon-Utah Game Produced Arguably The Most Unbelievable Play In College Football History

This is one of those plays where there’s a lot of hyperbole involved. Most of the time hyperbole does not deliver—“this is the best, this is the greatest, this is the most insane”—it usually falls short. But trust me when I tell you that there are not enough adjectives in the world to describe this play from the Utah-Oregon game.

Utes QB Travis Wilson hit Kaelin Clay for what should have been a long touchdown and a 14-0 lead against Oregon. But as Clay headed to the end zone, he dropped the ball…he didn’t fumble it, he wasn’t tackled, a gust of wind didn’t blow him over or anything. Clay just left the ball on the turf like a dog leaves a turd on a lawn.

And it sat there for several seconds as Utah celebrated their touchdown in the back of the end zone. There was no whistle, no signal from the referee, nothing. Finally, one astute observer from Oregon noticed what was going on, picked up the ball and ran the other way for a 100-yard touchdown.

Here’s the play in it’s entirety. Prepare to be amazed.

Just look at Utah fans after this play. This girl can’t even!

For what it’s worth (and I’m sure it’s very little), Kaelin Clay apologized after the game. His team went on to lose 51-27.