Watch Marshawn Lynch’s Bizarre One-Word Interview With Reporters After The Seahawks Game

“Yeah, maybe, I don’t know.” That was the extent of Marshawn Lynch’s interview following the Seahawks 19-3 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. If you recall, last week Lynch was fined $50,000 by the NFL for skipping out on a post game scrum with reporters. Combine that with the $50k fine from last year for doing the same damn thing and it’s no wonder Lynch “agreed” to cooperate.

Among the things we learned in the interview:

-“Yeah” is Marshawn’s favorite word
-He listens to “No Juice” by Lil Boosie before games
-He doesn’t do phone interviews

And that’s about it. Perhaps next time reporters will think twice before wasting their time with Marshawn. Or perhaps Marshawn will stop doing this altogether. God knows he’s only attracting more unwanted attention every time he does it.