Five-Star Basketball Recruit Jayson Tatum Showed No Mercy With This Dunk On A Greek Player

Things haven’t been going so well for Greece lately, you know with the whole Greek debt crisis and all. United States U19 player Jayson Tatum decided to make matters worse by putting an unlucky and unwise Greek player out of work.

Okay that might be a bit extreme, but Tatum did throw down a sickeningly beautiful dunk on a Greek player in Saturday’s FIBA U19 World Championships semifinal match-up between Greece and the United States.

And according to reports, the helpless Greek defender suffered a bloody nose from the dunk as well. I think the fact that he got embarrassed on his home floor — it was in Crete, Greece after all — will be the most painful part of the encounter. He may never recover from this, and continue to have night-terrors where he wakes up shouting “No Tatum!”

Or he could get up from the incident and realize he is not Frederic Weis and that there is life after being posterized. Patrick Ewing, after all,, lived after this happened to him. Who knows? The Greeks as the rest of the world is finding out are a feisty bunch.

As for Tatum, the 2016 Duke recruit is considered of the best players in the 2016 recruiting class. And as the video shows the 6’8 wing is an athletic freak who obviously has no regard for human life.

(Via FIBA)