Watch Nick Saban And Les Miles Share A Heartwarming Moment Before Saturday’s Game

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11.10.14 3 Comments

You’ll be shocked to learn that Nick Saban is a real, actual human being with real human emotions. I know, I’m just as shocked as you. Two weeks ago, LSU coach Les Miles lost his mother, Martha, just before the Ole Miss game. In the days following her death, Miles received a message from Saban.

Then, just before Saturday’s Alabama-LSU game, the two met on midfield. Miles wanted to thank Saban for sending his condolences. It’s tough to make out the audio but in short, Saban says he was with his mom when he received the news about Martha Miles.

“Well, you know it hit me because I was with my mother at Tennessee, and they came in and told me so…God bless ya’ man.”

I absolutely hate when people say “this puts things into perspective.” No, that’s stupid and lazy. Playing and/or coaching a sport doesn’t preclude you from feeling empathy. It doesn’t inhibit your ability to feel sad for someone who lost a family member.

And if it does, you clearly have some kind of issue you need to get checked out.


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