Watch Andrew McCutchen Make Some Fans For Life By Giving Away His Batting Gloves

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[mlbvideo id=”138593383″ width=”650″ height=”400″ /]

Andrew McCutchen might be making some major bank with the Pirates these days, but he’s clearly got the younger fans of baseball on his mind at the same time. He the all-around, stand up kind of guy and the above clip proves it.

At the end of the Pirates victory over San Diego on Saturday, McCutchen showed his appreciation of two young fans who cheered him all game by giving them his batting gloves. The gesture was clearly appreciated by the reaction of the kids and their parents, creating a moment that they won’t soon forget. I’ve rarely seen this kind of emotion, particularly at a ballgame, so it’s refreshing as hell.

(Via MLB / The Big Lead / The Real Evanio)

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