Rob Gronkowski Sounded Really Uncomfortable Talking Deflategate On ‘SportsCenter’

Rob Gronkowski was likely given some talking points ahead of his appearance on SportsCenter today. After all, his PR people didn’t want him flexing and screaming something wild like “DEFLATE DEEZ NUTS.” That’s crazy talk. No one would actually do that, guys.

But I digress.

Gronk was on to talk about the Madden 16 cover, but was forced to field Deflategate questions instead. You can probably see where this is headed. He did his best to claim ignorance, saying, “I really don’t have enough information on it and what’s going on. It is what it is.” But host Jay Crawford kept pushing.

Via SportsGrid:

“Two men in the locker room, Jastremski and McNally, how well do you know them?”

“You got a lot of questions about that. I thought we were here for the cover vote.”