The Blazers’ Robin Lopez Beat Up On The Pistons, Then Beat The Crap Out Of Their Mascot

Robin Lopez and Hooper (the Pistons mascot) were at it again last night, brawling outside the locker room following the Blazers 98-86 win over the Pistons. The two have some history together. Last year, Lopez body slammed Hooper to the court, before ultimately wiping the floor with him.

This latest incident wasn’t as brutal but nonetheless, human-mascot violence isn’t something we should tolerate.

“Apparently there’s something about me he just finds grating, something about my personality,” said Lopez. “We’ve had our beefs. I’m not sure what’s going on there. Some kind of love/hate relationship.”

It’s worth nothing that Hooper put up a better fight than the Detroit Pistons who have now lost a franchise record 13 games in a row.