It Didn’t End Well When This ‘Superman’ Streaker Interrupted A Rugby Match

We’ve all seen the play before. A fan runs onto the field at a sporting event and inevitably it goes badly for them. It usually ends up like this or this or this, or well you get the picture. Things don’t go well.

And now we can add another victim to the never ending series of fans doing stupid things at sporting events.

During a rugby match between Grenoble and Toulouse, a fan dressed up as Superman ran onto the field. Although if I’m being honest, it was less of a Superman attire and more just an out of shape guy wearing Superman underwear, a cape, and something blue on his eyes.

This Superman streaker discovered that his kryptonite, besides jogging, was a security guard executing a move that was part MMA and part WWE.

(Via Deadspin Sky Sports)