Watch A Wild Baboon Interrupt A Golf Tournament, Scaring Luke Donald Half To Death

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12.05.14 10 Comments

There’s probably a back story to this and that’s fine and stuff. But for now, let’s just watch this WILD BABOON MONKEYING AROUND ON THE GOLF COURSE!

Move B*itch!

Yep, this actually happened. This isn’t an elaborate photoshop or anything. During this morning’s Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa, Luke Donald was chased away by a freakin’ baboon.

Again, let’s watch.



So what was the baboon doing? Was he playing through? Maybe he really needed to take a crap. I bet that was it. I know I do that on the golf course. You get to the 5th hole and you’re like, damn I really gotta drop this deuce. But you don’t want to go all the way back to the clubhouse so you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and you grab a golf towel and lean against a tree and shut up, like you haven’t done that.

(via @Shane Bacon)

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