Videos Of Metrodome Roof Collapsing

12.13.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Perhaps the biggest news from the NFL’s games in Week came from the one that wasn’t played. The New York Giants were scheduled to play the Vikings in Minnesota yesterday, but the game was postponed until tonight after the Giants couldn’t fly into Minneapolis. The area was hit with 17 inches of snow, but the accompanying 30 mph winds prevented facility management at the Metrodome from removing the snow from the roof of the arena.

The roof would burst open before any crew could get up there, and really, this sort of thing is inevitable when you build an arena completely out of garbage bags. There’s probably some wonderful allegory to draw between this and the collapse of the Minnesota Vikings season, but that would just ruin the moment for me. Watch all that snow come down. BOOSH!

The game has now been moved to Detroit, and multiple reports indicate that the NFL will be giving away tickets for the game to anyone with a stub from yesterday’s Packers-Lions tilt. The other interesting bit of news came from Brett Favre, who said that he would not have played against the Giants if the game had been played yesterday as scheduled. If Favre can get it straightened out tonight, it will be his 298th consecutive regular-season start. And if he doesn’t, a grateful nation will surely rejoice.

Videos of the collapse on the ensuing pages…

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