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Even some more 4th quarter Brett Favre heroics couldn’t lock up a first-round bye for the Minnesota Vikings. Favre rallied the purple troops from a 17-point deficit to tie the Chicago Bears, 30-30, only to watch his stud running back Adrian Peterson cough up a fumble in OT, allowing Jay Cutler to throw his fourth TD pass of the game for an improbable 36-30 win. It was the Vikes’ third loss in four games.

“I know we’re fortunate to be in the playoffs but we have to play better than we did the last few weeks or we’ll be home fairly quickly,” Favre said. “I’m just being honest as I can be.” –FOX Sports.

The loss from the Vikes reduces them to a 3-seed in the NFC playoffs, meaning that Favre could be stuck playing in another outdoor game in the playoffs. Everyone seemed to be making a big deal about Favre’s aversion to cold weather and not the fact that the Vikings’ pass rush and cornerback coverage seemed to be non-existent last night. It’s a wonder that Antoine Winfield didn’t need a skin graft after being burned so many times last night.

While wrapping up a season of Monday night stinkers, this game actually delivered some excitement and watchability, highlighted by Favre’s 4th-down jump-ball toss to Sidney Rice in the last minute of regulation. Also, the commentary in the booth was, I have to admit, not terrible last night. Jon Gruden brought solid analyses bookended with groan-worthy coaching cliches, perhaps epitomizing that folksy/nerdy balance that ESPN had been looking to strike all season. Much like the Bears, the Monday Night booth are going out on a high note.

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