Vin Scully Ended His Career By Wishing Baseball Fans ‘A Very Pleasant Good Afternoon’ One Last Time

Associate Editor

Someone other than Vin Scully will call Los Angeles Dodgers games on a full-time basis next season. On Sunday, Scully said goodbye to baseball fans for the last time, as the legendary announcer called his final game before retirement. The Dodgers fell to the San Francisco Giants, 7-1, but all of that seems like a small footnote on what is the final day for one of the greatest play-by-play men in the history of sports.

Scully’s sign off is one for the history books, as he said in that unforgettable, golden voice “I’ve said enough for a lifetime and for the last time, I wish you all a very pleasant good afternoon.” For a man who is known for telling lengthy stories during games that range from touching (like his story after the passing of Yogi Berra) to absolutely hilarious (like his lengthy tale about the history of beards, which you need to listen to right now), this was rather subtle, but Scully has made this phrase a part of his broadcasts for years. Really, there was no better way for Scully to go out than by ending his broadcast this way.

Additionally, Scully appeared on television to say goodbye, and his message to fans was a little longer. It was a touching way for him to go out, and you can watch it right here:

Saying there will never be another Vin Scully is an understatement. His ability to make listeners feel like they were his friends was second to none, and every baseball fan is going to miss hearing his voice during Dodgers games.

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