12.13.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

This week's SI features a special edition of "Faces in the Crowd," and it turns out that Vince Carter was a drum major (final item). See, and you thought Richard Jefferson was gay.

I guess if I were a VC fan I'd know this already, as this information is on his personal website — he was in both the marching band and the jazz band — but I've just always thought of him as vaguely evil, tanking seasons and forcing trades when he's not happy with a team.

But no, there he is in full uniform. He's… he's got the cape and the… the staff and everything. Wow.

Even though he looks way happier than anytime during his last two seasons on the Raptors, I still kinda want to make a six-foot poster of this and wave it around at a Nets game.

Hopefully, this word will spread far and wide, dispelling the notion that kids in the marching band are worthless geeks. Maybe those guys from high school will finally stop teasing me for playing the piccolo.

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