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Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young watched a 35-year-old white guy take his team to the playoffs without him last year, but it turns out that VY has a bit of history when it comes to watching amazing things happen. Esquire got a hold of the former Texas Longhorn and asked him about growing up with a mother strung out on crack:

There was a hole in the door that closed off my room from the living room. I used to always — my little bad self — peek through that little hole and see my mom and the whole neighborhood. My grandmom worked the graveyard shift, and everybody knew that after she left and the kids were in bed, the party was at our house. Every night. Smoking, dancing, having sex, and there I was, couldn’t sleep for the noise, looking through that little hole at a strange world, man. People so strung out that they’re stuttering, a-a-a-a-a-a. I didn’t know what strung out was, but I knew they were strung out. via.

No wonder Vince turned out so well. It must have been nice not having a mom that told him to do his homework or sit up straight all the time. Hey, look, mom’s passed out on the floor! Time for ice cream! Can we eat it with our shirts off this time? No? Eh, maybe someday I’ll get to do that…

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