Vince Young Living Up To His Wonderlic

11.22.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young has had it up to here with your foolishness. The rookie pulled a Scottie Pippen after leaving the game with a thumb injury in the third quarter. When VY returned ready to play–only to continue waiting on the sideline, he stormed off the field, threw his jersey and shoulder pads into the stands, and took his ball and went home.

When the team gathered in the locker room following the loss, Young began muttering and cursing under his breath as Fisher addressed the team, the Tennessean reported Sunday night.

After Fisher asked Young to be quiet, the paper said, the quarterback finished dressing and prepared to leave the room. Fisher told Young to stop and not to “run out on your teammates,” sources told The Tennessean. Young told Fisher, “I’m not running out on my teammates, I’m running out on you,” the paper said.


Whatever, Vince. I didn’t see Kerry Collins disrobing into the stands when you came back in the middle of last season. Now I get to everyone on ESPN listen to how you were “disrespected.” Fisher is the longest-tenured coach in the league, and he can do pretty much whatever he wants. I’ll be impressed if Vince Young finishes the year with Tennessee, but I’ll be even more impressed if he can keep a shirt on for that long.

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