Vintage Best And Worst: WCW Bash At The Beach ’96

– Sup guys. David D. here. You may know me from my writing over at The Smoking Section and also as Brandon Stroud’s NXT bro and also lots and lots of comments about Sasha Banks. I’ve always wanted to do these Best and Worsts scheduling has sucked forever and ever. However, thanks to a little gimmick called the WWE Network, I can provide reviews of old school pay-per-views on my own pace without worrying about being in front of a TV at any time. With that said…

When the network launched, I embarked on a mission to watch every WWE/WCW/ECW PPV from Royal Rumble 1993 up until the present. Now, I’m somewhere in 1997 (WCW Spring Stampede 1997 to be exact). This is where you come in. We have two options:

I can just go from where I am now in 1997 and review every pay-per-view in chronological order

2) I can just hop around and hit pay-per-views upon request


3) (there are three options, SWERVE) I can do a combination of both, going through in order and taking breaks to hit pay-per-views based on your requests in between.

Just hit the comments and let me know what you want and we’ll go from there because we’re family. Anyway, we’re going to start with Bash at the Beach 1996 because it’s right around where I am now and it Changed Wrestling Forever or something.

So follow me on Twitter at @DavidDTSS and let me know what you think. I’ll just be there tweeting about wrestling and rap and cinnamon rolls.

Let’s go!

Best: I Sort Of Dig This Announce Team IDC IDC IDC

This incarnation of the WCW announce team has been much-maligned through history but as I’ve been watching I’ve come to enjoy this little group of misfits. Bobby Heenan is incredible despite the fact he’s been phoning it in ever since her called Brian Pillman all sorts of motherf*cks on the air. Schiavone is bearable and Dusty Rhodes is hilarious. Dusty gets trashed a lot for commentary but he can really accentuate a story when he’s given one to work with and his energy can be infectious. Just watch Public Enemy vs. Harlem Heat from Uncensored 97’ to hear him turn a sh*t match into a classic just by him losing his damn mind. So screw you, I like these guys.

Best: These Flippy Guys Aren’t Bad

The NWO wasn’t the most brilliant thing Eric Bischoff ever did. The most brilliant thing Eric Bischoff ever did was decide to get a bunch of really great wrestlers to fill their undercards. WCW had a ton of TV to fill so they’d just let all these Lucha Libre guys and wrestlers from Japan (and Jericho, Benoit, Malenko and more) just tear it up with 20-minute matches every week.