Virginia Scored A TD On A Bonkers Fake Field Goal Play You Wouldn’t Even Try In A Video Game

10.22.16 1 year ago

It’s a day of wild plays for the Virginias today. First, a West Virginia wide receiver made a thoroughly unbelievable catch, and then the Virginia Cavaliers called a fake field goal pass play in their game against North Carolina that we still can’t believe ended up working out.

North Carolina was clearly caught off-guard by this thoroughly unorthodox play, which featured a rarely-seen pass-snap from center Evan Butts to the left side, where QB Matt Johns picked it up. An instant later, Butts made a break for the end zone, where Johns hit him with an 11-yard pass for a fairly easy touchdown. Just your standard razzle-dazzle fake field goal score.

At the time, this amazing play knotted up the game at 7-7. Things, uh … didn’t go SUPER great for Virginia after that, as Virginia wouldn’t score again until nearly halfway through the fourth quarter, and they eventually ended up being down over 20 points. But hey, they’ll always have this amazing trick play. We should all be so lucky.

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