Virginia Tech Students Made An Awful Jose Fernandez Sign To Mock Miami Football

10.20.16 1 year ago 3 Comments

College students, ironically, are not always known to be the brightest of bulbs, and whoever decided to hang this banner at Virginia Tech certainly isn’t doing anything to improve that reputation. Mocking the death of Miami Marlins’ pitcher Jose Fernandez, who passed away in a tragic boating accident last month, the sign was put out in advance of the Miami Hurricanes’ visit to Blacksburg for their ACC battle on Thursday night.

Whoever made this sign wanted to make sure everyone knew that they respect Fernandez, as they extended the “courtesy” to throw an RIP at the end. Apparently someone in that house is a baseball fan. But just like it’s a pretty hollow sentiment whenever your friend who never left their small, failing mountain town starts a sentence with “No offense, but…” adding “RIP” to the end of a joke mocking the death of another doesn’t really take away from the offense meant by the statement.

Hopefully one of their neighbors took the time to tell them it’s not cool. If not, well, maybe it can be blamed on the fact that these students have the worst senses of humor of anyone in the state of Virginia. Or maybe these people are just jerks.

Next time leave the “clever” signs to College GameDay crowds, y’all.

(Via The Comeback)

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