Vitor Belfort Goes To The Judges For The First Time In A Decade And Gets The Decision Win Over Nate Marquardt

Vitor Belfort and Nate Marquardt have 49 UFC appearances between them and are obviously the elder statesmen of MMA. Hell, they might be the reason why some people are calling for an MMA Legends Division, and you could tell they should’ve been fighting each other considering the molasses they were moving through towards the end of the fight (all due respect).

Even seeing two well past their prime competitors squaring off at UFC 212, you have to appreciate Vitor Belfort rallying back to beat a game opponent in Nate Marquardt, who was absolutely winning in the first third of the fight. Belfort was being picked apart, then he went Full Vitor:

Then he went back to getting picked apart and may have gotten a gift decision in Brazil (way to play with their emotions by announcing a retirement then taking it back after getting the nod, Vitor). Despite these reports that this was his last fight on his UFC contract (and then changing it to the penultimate fight), Vitor said after the decision was read that he has “five more fights to go” and no one knows what that means.

Maybe he’ll continue on in the UFC, or maybe he’ll head to Rizin, where he deserves to be. Because, you know, certain drug testing laws.

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