10.22.07 11 years ago 29 Comments

In south Texas, the Comfort High School Whitetail Deer enjoy a fierce rivalry with the Blanco Panthers.  How fierce?  Dead deer on the bus fierce, my friends.

A girl's high school volleyball team was shocked to find a bloody deer carcass on their bus after a game against a rival. Members of the Comfort High… volleyball team came across the remains of a dead deer after playing a game against Blanco High School. [One] student said she believes students from Blanco High School placed the carcass on the bus as a prank.

Oh, I wouldn't rush to judgment.  There's always the possibility that the deer was the victim of a brutal assault and climbed onto the bus to die.  Or it may have been placed there not as a aprank but as a token of affection.  Was there a note that said, "a DEER for my DEAR"?  No?  What do you mean puns aren't funny?  I worked on that for like an hour.

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