Von Miller And Adidas Troll Cam Newton With These Kryptonite Cleats

Von Miller and Cam Newton are forever linked in history. They already were the first two picks of the 2011 NFL Draft, but there was never some Peyton Manning/Ryan Leaf storyline to keep them together forever. Now that Miller won the Super Bowl 50 MVP award by mercilessly harassing Newton, who went into the game as the presumptive favorite for the honor, the award itself will be a symbol of Newton’s failure. Miller doesn’t seem content with just the one symbol, however.

Partnering with adidas, Miller debuted a pair of cleats called Freaks that look like they have kryptonite on the side. Any doubt that this wasn’t a shot at Newton was removed with the caption “Everyone has a weakness.” Why, whose weakness could be kryptonite but Superman? Any athlete who regularly invokes the Man of Steel would have to assume that the gesture those cleats make isn’t a friendly wave.

Honestly, it’s a bit unnecessary that these have to be such a pointed shot at Newton, because they’re good-looking cleats on their own. Sure, that shade of green isn’t for everybody, but that craggy design is very sharp.

It seems that Von Miller made a cleat just to troll Cam Newton, because that’s what Von Miller loves to do more than anything.