Von Miller, Russell Wilson, And Antonio Brown Work On Their People Skills In A New Xbox Spot

Earlier this summer, Von Miller starred in an unexpectedly funny ad for the latest Madden NFL game wherein he parodied Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” video. Now, Miller is back at it in a new ad for Xbox that has a decidedly football flavored theme to it. This time, he’s brought a few of his NFL compatriots along with him.

The ad is built around the premise that Von Miller, Russell Wilson, and Antonio Brown are being cajoled by their agent to work on their people skills. In particular, their people skills when it comes to Madden on Xbox, for whatever reason. Wilson gets mad when some Seahawks fan beats him and talks trash. Brown has a barbershop where he evidently cuts everybody’s hair even though he’s also an All-Pro wide receiver. It goes poorly. Miller is a jerk to some kids.

If you think this is all the NFL talent you’ll see in the video, think again! While the main trio are admonished for their people skills, the agent heaps praise upon Ndamukong Suh, who is very nice while an old lady beats him at the game. Even the recently retired Marshawn Lynch chastises them. It’s not as amusing as Miller’s Bieber parody ad, but it’s not terrible, as far as commercials go. It’s hard to go wrong with Beast Mode, though.