Von Miller’s Sack Celebrations Continue To Be Very Awesome And Possibly NSFW

In addition to being a defensive force, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller also has a reputation of being an excellent trash-talker. A master of taunting with both his actions and words, the 26-year-old gave us a glimpse at both on Thursday night.

During Denver’s “business trip” to Kansas City, Miller submitted one of the game’s most amusing highlights when he busted out a hilarious new celebration after a big stop on defense. Miller has had plenty of good celebrations throughout his NFL career, but this air hump dance might be the best thus far.

But Miller wasn’t done there. Following the Broncos incredible comeback win, helped in large part by a devastating last-minute fumble by Jamaal Charles, Miller made sure to slide into the mentions of Chiefs player Travis Kelce on Twitter. Miller called Kelce a “fake Gronk” after tossing the 6-foot-6, 260-pound tight end like a rag doll during the contest.

Kelce, who has some great celebrations of his own, hasn’t yet responded to Miller’s trash talk, and that might be his best play here considering he did in fact get tossed. One thing is for sure, though — the Chiefs/Broncos rematch in November is going to be a lot of fun.

Update: As readers are pointing out, Miller’s celebration may have been a tribute to this Key & Peele sketch. If that’s the case, somehow it manages to get even better.

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