Von Miller Is Still Mercilessly Trolling Cam Newton In The Offseason

Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos
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There’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard a professional athlete say the words “no days off” at some point in your life. It’s one of those sports-isms that athletes live and breathe. Usually, they’re referencing their dedication to maintaining physical abilities through training or practice on days where they aren’t playing games.

However, “no days off” also describes Von Miller’s troll game, which is apparently unrelenting even in the offseason.

Along with great football talent, the Denver Broncos defensive end has a gift for the art of trash talk. And, after the Broncos beat the Panthers in Super Bowl 50 this past February, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Miller is taking advantage of his status as world champion and Super Bowl MVP and using it to throw some serious chirps at opponents.

Unfortunately for Cam Newton, the Panthers quarterback who Miller terrorized during the Super Bowl, most of those troll jobs have been at his expense. First, Miller went on Saturday Night Live this winter and used science to taunt Newton. Now, after Newton had himself some fun playing water polo this week, we have this:

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Hahaha water polo sack!!!

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Talk about a rough offseason for Cam. It’s one thing to fall short of a Super Bowl, but then to be ridiculed by the media and tortured by opponents all winter? That guy is probably counting down the days until training camp. #NoDaysOff

That being said, the Photoshop Miller posted on his Instagram is Grade A stuff. When you’re on the wrong end of a troll like that, you kinda just have to keep your head down and power through it.