11.19.08 10 years ago 9 Comments

The only time it’s good to be bombarded with shitloads of basketball games is March Madness.  If I’m not gambling on teams being eliminated from a championship tournament, I really don’t need non-stop tip-off coverage.

But yeah, college basketball season is here.  **makes wanking motion** I guess the big game last night (“big” being two ranked teams and not a blowout) was Oklahoma-Davidson.  Stephen Curry picked up where he left off last spring, going off for 44 points while rallying his team from a 21-point deficit, but Blake Griffin (25 points, 21 rebounds, pictured looking retarded) and the Sooners held out for a win in Norman, 82-78.

My God, that was exhausting to write.  No chance of me doing that again.  Here’s the rest of the scoreboard.

Oh no.  And there were ten NBA games last night, too?  Listen people, I’m just one man.  One man who doesn’t care.  You should probably go elsewhere for the basketball recaps.

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