Wait Til You See Her Ping Pong Ball Trick

One of my guiltiest white nerd pleasures is billiards, as I played a lot growing up and learned how to hustle at an early age. Now it works out great for playing drunks for free shots, so I’m sort of glad that I was allowed into pool halls at 11-years old. But I’m also especially fond of trick shots, because, again, I’m a nerd and easily impressed by stuff. Factor in my appreciation for attractive blonde women and today’s pool trick shot video is especially great.

In the video you’re about to watch and share with all of your friends, an unnamed billiards guy (player?) receives assistance from an attractive young lady as he performs trick shots around her on the table. It’s pretty impressive that the balls never touch her, which I assume is not the case at her other gigs. But I like to imagine that when they were done filming he asked her if she’d like to get some drinks and she laughed and went home with someone who doesn’t play billiards.

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(Via Break)