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Some (but not all) of the testing results are starting to leak out from the gender identity test for Caster Semenya, that South African runner who blew everyone away in the women’s 800m race at the world championships in Berlin last week.

Tests have revealed Caster Semenya’s testosterone level to be three times higher than those normally expected in a female sample[…]

A high level of the hormone does not always equate to a failed drugs test. via.

Triple the average testosterone level? You don’t say…Meanwhile Semenya received a hero’s welcome in Johannesburg earlier today, and Athletics South Africa president Leonard Chuene resigned from his post at the IAAF, track’s international governing body, claiming “We are not going to allow Europeans to describe and define our children.” Take that, Europe! What do you white people know about who’s male and who’s female. Well, more than Eddie Murphy, probably. Wow, really? That’s the best tranny reference we can pull, something that happened 12 years ago? I really need to update my “Trannies in the News” blog more often.

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