Walter White As A Phillies Fan Was Too Far For The ‘Breaking Bad’ Writers To Go

At UPROXX, we are contractually obligated to each send in three ‘Breaking Bad’ stories per day. The sports content of the show was infrequent — not a lot of sports teams in New Mexico, and not a lot of HOCKEY, BITCH quips — so I’m a little behind.

If you haven’t seen the show, protagonist Walter White has done a lot of bad things. He’s watched a woman gargle to death on her own throw-up and didn’t help because it’d benefit him, blown up portions of a nursing home with an INVALID GRANDPA BOMB and he’s used a potted plant poison children. There was, however, one thing even the writers of ‘Breaking Bad’ wouldn’t let Walt do out of fear that they’d never be able to bring him back from the brink — root for the Philadelphia Phillies.

The above image was posted on Breaking Bad writer Thomas Schnauz’s Twitter on Thursday, and it is chilling. Here’s the full tweet:

Believe it or not, TV’s already had a likable Phillies fan. Hasn’t Schnauz ever watched Boy Meets World?

New theory: This isn’t Walter White at all, but a picture of Mr. Feeny from ‘Girl Meets World.’