Want These Women To Date You? Win $1,000,000 Playing Fantasy Football With Draftstreet

(via Getty Image)Disclaimer: Having lots of money is not a guarantee that NFL cheerleaders will date you. But it couldn’t hurt, right?

Last week we gave you a chance to win your share of $1,000 playing fantasy football with Draftstreet. This week we’re saying NUTS to the thousand dollars and shooting the moon, because the Drafstreet guys are running a contest where you can win A MILLION DOLLARS picking rosters and doing the same thing you’d do normally. A million dollars, you guys.

The rules are simple, and all you really have to do is click this link and sign up. It’s the start of something big for you. You’re getting your life together! When you’re a millionaire, you get to tell people you made your fortune with a bunch of well-chosen tight ends. How you want to define that is up to you.

Sign up quickly, though. Draftstreet’s sending 40 people to Las Vegas on December 15th to compete for $1,750,000 in prizes, and six people have already qualified. Basic math means you’ve got 34 remaining spots to compete for. Don’t wait until Week 8 or whatever when they can only send two people and you’ve got to perform like a miracle worker. Go. Do it. Seriously.