Watch Miami Players Bully Florida State’s Kicker Before The Game

Florida State kicker Roberto Aguayo was sent a very clear message Saturday: Don’t warm up on the Miami Hurricanes’ side of the field. Aguayo seemed to be minding his P’s and Q’s while warming up before the Florida State-Miami game. However, he was warming up on Miami’s side of the 50, which Hurricanes players didn’t appreciate. And they let him know it.

After a few shoves, order was restored with a seemingly amused Aguayo making his way back to his side of the field, and Hurricanes’ players standing tall. Maybe the pre-game dustup will add some much needed fire to this once great, but now sputtering and almost irrelevant showdown between the Florida teams.

The Hurricanes and Seminoles once comprised one of the biggest rivalries in the country. The teams’ battles in the early ’90s were often for the right to play in the national championship game and produced numerous memorable moments. Sorry, Seminoles’ fans, but wide right, anyone?

Fast forward to 2015 and the game between the teams probably wouldn’t top anyone’s top ten must-watch games of the weekend. It’s been a decade since Miami has been relevant – NCAA investigations notwithstanding. And fans have taken to flying banners calling for the firing of coach Al Golden. Meanwhile, Florida State looking downright mediocre after coming off a two-year run of national championships and qualifying for the first ever college playoff.

(Via Will Manso)