Warren Buffett Showed Up To A Dolphins Game Wearing Shoulder Pads

There aren’t too many billionaires cooler than Warren Buffett. First, he was willing to give away $1 billion of his own money if anyone made a perfect March Madness bracket, then he arm-wrestled Ndamukong Suh on live television.

Now the 85-year-old, who is currently ranked as the third-richest person in the world, showed up on the sidelines of a Miami Dolphins game in a Suh jersey with full shoulder pads to boot. It’s one thing for the world’s third-richest man to show up to an NFL game wearing a jersey, but the shoulder pads thing just takes it to a whole different level.

Buffett and Suh have a well-documented friendship, and Buffett serves as one of Suh’s financial mentors — something that the Dolphins’ lineman surely needs after signing a $114 million deal with Miami this offseason. Buffett was sporting the jersey of his friend on the ‘Fins sideline, where he looked like he was ready to step in at the coach’s call. Well, other than his slacks and dress shoes, that is. He might need to change those if he expects to get any playing time.

Buffett may be worth an estimated $72.7 billion, but he’s not one to turn down cash of any kind, as Jeff Darlington, a reporter from the NFL Network, found out firsthand.

Classic Buffett.