People Are Not Happy With The Commanders’ Low-Effort Sean Taylor Memorial

Sunday marked 15 years since Sean Taylor was tragically killed when he was shot in the leg by intruders at his Miami home in 2007. At the time Taylor was in his fourth season in Washington, a young star safety who had made the Pro Bowl a year prior.

Prior to hosting the Falcons on Sunday, the Commanders unveiled a new memorial to Taylor at FedEx Field, with much of Taylor’s family on hand for the unveiling, and what was revealed left many fans upset by what felt like a hastily thrown together tribute to Taylor, with his uniform on a wire mannequin.

Considering the various issues facing the franchise currently, headlined by Dan Snyder selling the team amid a number of legal probes into allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment, as well as financial improprieties, there were plenty who called out the Taylor memorial’s unveiling as a PR stunt aimed at deflecting from that negative news. On top of that, it wasn’t even a well put together memorial, as there was an opportunity to honor a beloved player who was tragically killed and the best they could seemingly do was put his uniform on a mannequin in a glass case.

Both Commanders fans and fans from around the NFL in general lambasted the organization for the memorial that could’ve been something so much more, as the best part was a mural created by his fiancee’s uncle, Vic Garcia, that he worked on all the weekend while the team came up with a uniform on some wire.