Two College Football Players Were Forced To Hold Hands After They Fought At Practice

Football players get into fights all the time at camp. They are especially prevalent among wideouts and defensive backs, who are in each other’s faces play after play trying to one-up their opposition, which naturally leads to testosterone taking over time-to-time.

Unless a punch is thrown or someone gets seriously hurt, training camp scuffles aren’t usually newsworthy. However, when freshman Washington wideout Quinten Pounds got into it at a recent practice with sophomore cornerback Jordan Miller, it made headlines not for the fight itself, but for the rather unique punishment given out to them by head coach Chris Petersen.

After their altercation, Miller and Pounds were forced by the coaching staff to walk around the length of the football field while holding hands like schoolchildren. On one hand (pun intended), this seems like just a silly way to embarrass them in front of the rest of the team. On the other hand, maybe it gives them a chance to unite together and focus their anger on the real enemy: the coaches who made them do it in the first place.

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