Washington’s Kicker Recovered An Accidental Onside Kick 50 Yards Downfield Against The Bills

The weather in Buffalo can, at times, become as big of a factor in Bills games as anything happening on the field, as winds can really gust up and wreak havoc on passes and kicks.

Sometimes this is to the Bills advantage, because they’re more accustomed to those conditions, but at times it can even play tricks on them as we saw on Sunday. Up 21-7 in the second quarter, the Bills were set to receive a kickoff from the Football Team when the wind picked up and began playing tricks on the ball, which floated backwards as it came down, blowing away from the return man. The ball bounces, becoming a live ball, just as the coverage unit is crashing down the field and all hell breaks loose as it kicks around until, somehow, the kicker recovers what became the weirdest onside kick of the year.

Obviously this wasn’t planned, but it wouldn’t surprise me if, into the wind, the kicker purposefully tried to put more air under it so it would be harder for the return man. This was the ideal outcome and it helped the Football Team score a second touchdown in a row to suddenly make it a game after Buffalo had run out to an early lead. The lesson, as always, is to field the ball on a kickoff no matter what and, for the coverage team, to always bust it down the field because if this happens, you can get a big time play for your team.