Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next President, According To The Washington Redskins

10.16.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

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Throw out all the polls. Forget about the debates. Ignore where both of the candidates stand on every issue. None of this matters anymore, because the result of the 2016 presidential election was decided on Sunday afternoon, and we have news that will make Democrats happy: Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump on Election Day.

Ok, let’s back up a little bit. The Washington Redskins beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, 27-20. It wasn’t a game you’ll tell your kids about or anything, but still, it was a solid matchup between two NFC East rivals.

But this game was big because it was Washington’s final home game before Election Day, and if history is any indication, the win means that Clinton will be our next President thanks to The Redskins Rule. This dictates that the result of the team’s final home game pre-election determines its outcome – when Washington wins, the incumbent party wins, but when the Redskins lose, the non-incumbent party takes the White House.

This has worked out for 17 of the last 19 presidential elections. The only times this didn’t work out were in 2004 and 2012, when the Redskins lost their final games before Election Day but incumbents George Bush and Barack Obama retained the presidency.

So will it work this year? More than the result of Sunday’s game says yes – according to Sunday’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Clinton holds an 11-point lead nationally over Trump. That may be a more foolproof way to determine what’s going to happen on Nov. 8, but if the former Secretary of State beats the real estate mogul, don’t forget that we all learned that we were going to get our first female POTUS back on Oct. 16.

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