You Can Soon Back An NFL Punter’s Trivia Board Game On Kickstarter

Washington punter Tress Way has the term “board game inventor” on his Twitter profile, but now it’s a real job title for the NFL player. Way has come up with a trivia game and wants you to help him kickstart it into existence.

What’s Your Bid? is kind of like Trivial Pursuit, but in list form. A question is asked, then teams decide how much they bid, or how many answers they can give. It’s a game that involves a bit of strategy and a lot of knowledge, but Way thinks he has a winner here.

The Washington Post has more on the game, which Way came up with during his down time. And as a punter, he has a lot of down time.

The genesis of the idea came a year ago, when Colt McCoy and then-quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh needed only 11 guesses to name the AP’s all-time top 10 college football programs. Nick Sundberg, Coach Jay Gruden and Redskins President Bruce Allen were among the group who gave two incorrect answers and tied for second place in the friendly competition, after which one coach asked Way if he had any other lists handy.

“No, but one of the good things about being a punter is that while you guys are in meetings, I’ll come up with some more tonight,” Way replied.

The rest of the NFL punter community is pumped about Way’s new game.

If you’re unsure of how this whole thing works, they’ve made a video to explain it.

It seems like an interesting game, and if you’re a board game guy it’s pretty easy to find a way to chip a few bucks toward a Kickstarter and see what happens. They want to raise $50,000 for the product, and its Kickstarter starts on July 31.