Every Golf Tournament Should Be As Fun And Raucous As The Phoenix Open

02.12.18 2 months ago

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If you’ve watched more than a couple of golf tournaments on television in your lifetime, you’ve probably caught wind of the Phoenix Open — or, as it’s been called since 2010, the Waste Management Phoenix Open. If you land in Phoenix the week of the tournament and happen to pop into a restaurant or a taxi or rideshare and the event comes up, locals will refer to it as “the Waste Management” in shorthand, which is endlessly endearing.

Most things about the Phoenix Open are — well, if not necessarily endearing, then at least appealing. It’s the best-attended golf tournament in the entire world, every single year, and more and more people keep wanting to go to it. This year, over 719,000 people flooded into TPC Scottsdale over the course of the tournament, and Saturday broke its own single-day attendance record, with over 216,000 stopping by. That’s the day before the Super Bowl, mind you.

The Phoenix Open is always the same weekend as the Super Bowl and the debauchery and partying around this golf event puts most Super Bowls to shame. For one thing, the sheer amount of people present obviously dwarfs any Super Bowl that’s ever been played, but at $50 just for general admission during the final round, patrons can afford to spend that extra cash on getting loaded.

And they absolutely do spend that extra cash on getting as loaded as possible.

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