Watch Benny The Bull Steal A Kiss From A Celtics Fan’s Girlfriend On Kiss Cam

Sure, this is most definitely staged, and yeah, there’s a real lack of Oscar-worthy acting from the couple involved, but this clip of Benny the Bull macking on another guy’s girlfriend is still pretty adorable.

When the obligatory kiss cam focused in on a couple of Celtic fans, the guy, who can be seen blabbing away on his phone, ignores his lady who takes it upon herself to hit, scream, and basically try to force him to participate in a public make-out session. Aggressive force does not prevail and it looks like the poor girl might end up being publicly rejected (and humiliated) by her douche of a boyfriend until Benny the Bull sweeps in, sweeps the girl off her feet, plants a big one on her in front of said boyfriend and proceeds to cart her off for some inter-species relations.

We’re not sure whether the Chicago Bulls wanted to make some kind of PSA aimed at guys who treat their significant others like crap or, more likely, they just wanted to screw with the visiting team’s fan section, either way, the stunt is hilarious.

Via SB Nation