Watch Some Chelsea Fans Pretend To Know About Players Who Don’t Exist

As Jimmy Kimmel has most recently reminded us at the expense of concert-going hipsters and Miami Heat fans, it’s always funny to watch regular Average Joes on the street pretend that they know something about a topic, when they really don’t know sh*t about it. The latest incantation of this classic video prank comes to us from talkSPORT magazine and Andrew Ryan of “Full Time Devils,” a dedicated YouTube fan channel for Manchester United, as the host pounded pavement to find some huge Chelsea fans so he could humiliate them.

Ryan asked the random strangers about incoming Chelsea talent such as Win Nowt and Liam Ying, and despite the fact that neither of those guys or any of the others exist, some of the fans at least tried to make it seem like they knew the ins and outs of their favorite soccer club’s workings. And while I haven’t seen a follow-up video yet, I assume that once the Chelsea fans found out about the joke, they stabbed Ryan with his own broken bones.

(H/T to Inside World Soccer)