Watch Chris Paul Land On His Head

During Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets ran into Ramon Sessions, hitting his head and going down on the floor. It was eerily similar to what happened to Marquis Daniels about a month ago, who is out for a while now.

It was later reported that Paul suffered a concussion, which doesn’t seem that bad considering all the medical stuff he was put in when he got carted off the court. I’m no doctor, but I wish I was one so I could get a ton of money. It seems like a lot of work though. Hope you didn’t caught looking at that (arguably ineffective) curveball I just threw. Call me Joba Chamberlain. Yes, I AM going to make finger-guns after I finish writing this.

Video after the jump.

Video via the always-great @jose3030.

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