Watch Out For These Eight Things During The NFL’s Offseason

02.07.19 5 months ago

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If it weren’t for the 100 million people who watched it, would Super Bowl 53 even exist? Well, yes, and that’s still a lot of people making it likely that once again the Super Bowl will draw more than twice as many viewers as any other program this year, but it won’t stop plenty of people from pointing out two things: it was the lowest-rated Super Bowl in 10 years, and more importantly, it was boring.

You can point to the game being tied in the fourth quarter and remark that it was “a defensive standoff,” but really, the Super Bowl was mostly controlled throughout by the New England Patriots, who simply blew some early opportunities on the Los Angeles Rams’ side of the field that could have put the game away much sooner. The 13-3 final score did a better job of reflecting New England’s mistakes than anything else, and the result was a game that felt like it should be relegated to a random Thursday night. Now, we all get eight months off before the next season.

Luckily in this league, there’s always something on the horizon. Here are eight things to look forward to over the offseason that will hopefully do a better job of satisfying your football needs than Jared Goff did.

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